Are apricots from the Dawn Japanese Flowering Tree edible?

Answer The yellow fruit from the Dawn Japanese Flowering Apricot tree is not edible. The 20- to 30-foot tree reaches full height within 10 to 12 years. Besides the inedible fruit the attractive tree spro... Read More »

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Is the fruit on pink flowering dogwood trees edible?

The fruit of the pink dogwood tree is tantalizing to animals and not toxic to humans, but skin contact with the tree can cause an allergic rash in some people. Parts of the dogwood tree have been u... Read More »

Japanese Flowering Shrubs?

Japanese flowering shrubs add a dash of the exotic to any landscape. Placed among more common plants, they create a focal point in the garden. In containers on the front doorstep, they make a state... Read More »

Difference Between a Larch & a Dawn Redwood Tree?

Larch and dawn redwood are deciduous conifers. They drop their needles every year. Larch and dawn redwood are different species of conifers and grow in different climates. Both are outstanding land... Read More »

How to Buy a Flowering Cherry Tree?

Flowering cherry trees are excellent additions to a landscape. During the blooming season, flowering cherry trees are vibrant and showy, making them prized by gardeners and arborists. The cherry bl... Read More »