Are apps a one time fee?

Answer "Yes, you pay for an app only one time. You can even uninstall it and decide you want it back. Just go to the market and it will allow you to download the app again without having to pay for it aga... Read More »

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How would you set up folders for apps on an android phone to organize and clean up the apps screen For example- put all the coupon apps under one folder called coupons?

yup it does .i have the tap-out edition, pretty shure the other versions do to.

What are some interesting android apps not typical apps some really cool gaming apps please tell with source?

very difficult to explore and find cool android gaiming apps. i think air fligt control is the right app for you witch is different, apealing and dose not have any typical element . i just simply l... Read More »

Do you pay monthly for apps on the android or is it a one time fee?

The principle behind the Android Market App payment system is similar to the system in place with the iTunes Store. You pay once for the App, and it is linked to your google account. You can re-dow... Read More »

Is the android market apps a one time payment?