Are apples the best first baby food?

Answer Apples can be a good first choice. However, starting sweet fruits before vegetables can cause babies to prefer fruits over vegetables. I wouldrecommend vegetables first. Try green peas or carrots. ... Read More »

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Do they put food coloring on grocery apples?

Grocery store apples do not have food coloring added to their peels, according to the U.S. Apple Association. Growers coat the apples with a mixture of food-grade ingredients that are approved by t... Read More »

Are oats& apples Irish food?

Oats are a traditional food in the Irish diet and are typically served in cakes, porridge, risotto, bread and biscuits. Apples are often prepared in the form of a cake or tart or made into a jelly.... Read More »

How long do you dehydrate apples in a food dehydrator?

The drying time for apples depends on the dehydrator, humidity and thickness of the apple pieces. However, with a dehydrator temperature of 140 degrees F, the estimated drying time for apples is si... Read More »

Finger Food Desserts Made With Apples?

Apples are a favorite taste of fall. Many desserts, from pies and tarts to cakes and doughnuts, incorporate the delicious flavor of apples into their recipes. Along with the slew of pies and cakes ... Read More »