Are apples good for your teeth?

Answer No, but carrots are.

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Is Stride gum good for your teeth?

On One Hand: Aids Saliva ProductionAccording to, chewing sugarless gum, such as Stride, increases saliva production, which cleans teeth, removes food debris and helps remineralize... Read More »

How to Take Good Care of Your Teeth?

Strong, healthy teeth help you lead a healthier and happier life. Teeth also affect the appearance of your face and smile. And for maintaining good oral hygiene, there are lot of things that you ne... Read More »

Is using mouthwash as good for your teeth as floss?

Answer Recent advertising claims certain mouthwash is as good as flossing.This is what the ADA says: While some study results indicate the use of a mouth rinse can be as effective as flossing for ... Read More »

Is Listerine really good for your teeth like they say it is?