Are apple trees evergreens?

Answer No they are not fruit bearing trees are seasonal. Evergreens are pine trees.Not all fruit trees are deciduous or seasonal as you put it. Most Citrus trees are evergreen.

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How do I tell tip bearing apple trees from spur bearing apple trees?

SpursLook for spurs (thick, thorn-like growths) on the apple tree's branches. If fruit production has started, the apples develop on the spurs. If you have spurs on the tree, you have either a part... Read More »

Cedar-Apple Rust on Apple Trees?

Cedar-apple rust is a fungal disease that affects most types of apple trees (Malus sp.), including crab apples. It also affects eastern red cedar trees (Juniperus virginiana L.). In fact, the fungu... Read More »

How big do apple trees get?

Apple trees come in dwarf, semi-dwarf and standard sizes. A dwarf tree grows no larger than 10 feet tall and wide. A standard apple tree can reach a height of 20 feet and can grow as wide as 15 fee... Read More »

Fall Apple Trees?

Before planting apple trees, consider the regional weather. Apple tree varieties have varying ripening and harvest dates. The University of California states that over 8,000 apple varieties exist a... Read More »