Are apple trees evergreen?

Answer No, apple trees [species Malus Domestica] aren't evergreen.Evergreen plants have foliage which remains green throughout the year. Old leaves die and are shed, new leaves grow, but the plant remains... Read More »

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Is a apple tree evergreen?

No. Apple trees are deciduous, in other words they drop all their leaves in the autumn.

Evergreen Shade Trees?

Evergreen trees offer a beautiful addition to any landscape, as they provide year-round greenery for you to enjoy. Unlike deciduous trees, which drop their leaves each fall, evergreens remain drape... Read More »

How to Take Care of Evergreen Trees?

Evergreen trees are any variety of tree that does not shed its needles or leaves during the winter months. Some varieties of evergreen trees include pine, cypress, juniper, hemlock and arborvitae. ... Read More »

How to Dig to Plant Evergreen Trees?

Evergreen trees can be a welcome enhancement to your landscape, providing shade and privacy. Evergreen trees include trees with needles, such as fir and spruce, and some trees with leaves, such as ... Read More »