Are apple trees deciduous?

Answer Yes, apple trees [Malus spp] are deciduous. They grow and drop their leaves in the span of less than a year. Also, they have seeds, not seed cones.Specifically, a deciduous tree grows and loses its... Read More »

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Deciduous Oak Trees?

All types of oaks are deciduous, meaning they lose their leaves in the fall and grow new leaves in the spring as opposed to evergreen trees which do not lose all of their leaves seasonally. In hot,... Read More »

Are pear trees deciduous?

Although most pear trees are deciduous trees--those that shed their leaves in the fall--at least one is evergreen, retaining its leaves throughout the year. Pyrus kawakamii, a tree that is native t... Read More »

Are Sierra oak trees deciduous?

The Sierra oak (Quercus canbyi) is an evergreen or tardily deciduous tree, depending on the area in which it is grown. It is can tolerate heat and drought, and it is commonly seen in the southwest.... Read More »

Are beech trees deciduous?

Beech trees are deciduous. The leaves of beech trees turn yellow, red and orange when touched by freezing temperatures in the fall. These trees may hold onto their leaves for most of the winter, bu... Read More »