Are apple labtops good for college?

Answer Oh Yes. I think so. Apples are great and now with apples being able to run windows you cant go wrong. Get an apple. Windows is junk.

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Is it true that when you put labtops.......?

It might be true for men, (lowering sperm count) but I've not seen anything about it regarding female fertility.

Do you have an ipods and cell phones and labtops or none of the above?

a ipod nano a sony ericsson W580ia macbook laptop. im using it now!!

Why do people still call laptops labtops?

Even though they're called laptops, they aren't supposed to ever be on ones lap. It can damage the laptop.

What's better for a college student Apple or Mac?

I think you should ask yourself this:Is is it compatible?Check with the admissions office at the College / University you plan on attending and ask what type of Computer would be best to use with t... Read More »