Are any pennies worth more than one cent?

Answer The most expensive penny is the 1793 Sheldon Chain cent, according to Most Also known as Sheldon 1-4 or NC-1 pennies, there are fewer than 2,000 of these pennies today, and each is v... Read More »

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Can You Refinance a Car if You Owe More Than It's Worth?

You might still obtain an approval for a refinance if you owe more than your car is worth depending on your overall credit and how much you're asking to borrow. Depending on credit, you may obtain ... Read More »

How to Trade a Car When I Owe More Than It Is Worth?

Trading in a car when you're upside down on the loan, or owe more than the car's worth, can create a financial hurdle. Even so, it's possible to trade in your car and acquire a new vehicle. Know th... Read More »

What Should I Do if I Owe $20,000 More Than My House Is Worth?

U.S. citizens living abroad are often taxed by the foreign country in which they live, as well as the U.S. This double taxation can result in a hardship for the taxpayer. The IRS implemented the F... Read More »

Is a Euro worth more than a Canadian dollar?

As of June 2010, the Euro is worth more than the Canadian dollar. Each Canadian dollar is equivalent to about 0.79 Euros. The Euro is the standard currency used by 13 of the member nations of the E... Read More »