Are any of the three stooges alive today?

Answer No. They have all passed away. Members: Ted Healy (Real Name: Clarence Ernst Lee Nash), Died: December 21, 1937 (aged 41). Moe Howard (Real Name: Moses Harry Horwitz). Died: May 4, 1975 (aged 77)... Read More »

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If Abbott and Costello were alive today, what would their "who's on first" skit look like?

Before I saw the second part to your question I was going to say that Abbott and Costello's act is timeless and I would't change a thing. However, your's is actually pretty dam* funny! You should c... Read More »

What President shared a name with a vacuum cleaner and would be 130 years old if he were alive today?

When did the three stooges die?

Curly died in 1976,Larry died in 1982, and Moe died in 1985