Are any Ray-Ban sunglasses made in Ireland?

Answer No. The Ray-Ban brand is owned by the Italian Luxottica Group. The sunglasses are manufactured in Italy or China, with the location clearly identified on the side of each frame.Source:Ray-Ban USA

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Where are Maui Jim sunglasses made?

Maui Jim non-prescription sunglasses are manufactured in Italy and Japan according to a company customer representative. The prescription glasses are produced in Peoria, Illinois. Established in 19... Read More »

Where are Oakley sunglasses made?

Oakley keeps its headquarters in Orange County, California, in a facility that not only houses its product designers but much of its manufacturing. Oakley's home base is more than 600,000 square fe... Read More »

Where are Cartier sunglasses made?

Cartier sunglasses are made in Paris, France. Other products bearing the world-renowned and highly stylish Cartier name include jewelry, watches, clocks, leather goods, accessories and apparel. Sun... Read More »

What are Polaroid sunglasses made of?

Polaroid sunglasses have UltraSight lenses that are made with a technology called Thermofusion. It uses a plastic called eco-polymer that is biodegradable, with a polarizing light filter in the cen... Read More »