Are ants harmful in your flower pots?

Answer only red ants are harmfull.

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Should flower pots have holes in them?

yes, so the soil does not get too soggy and watery + if the humidity, moisture etc.increases in the soil the plant does not grow well

What Are Glass Flower Pots?

Flower pots come in a broad spectrum of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. In addition to the more common terracotta, porcelain and plastic flower pots, some flower pots are made of glass. ... Read More »

How do I unstick flower pots?

Soaking the PotsFill a sink, basin or tub with hot water. Fill the inner pot with cold or ice water and submerge the outer pot in the hot water. The sudden changes in temperature, coupled with the ... Read More »

How to Arrange Flower Pots?

Gardeners can create beautiful container gardens by arranging live flowers inside well-crafted pots. Flowers should be arranged within the pot according to good design principles.