Are anodized skillets bad for you?

Answer On One Hand: Anodized Skillets are Safe to Use and HarmlessAluminum is anodized when the metal is placed in a bath of electrolytes that is then electrically charged. The anodization process creates... Read More »

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How to Value Antique Iron Skillets?

Cast iron skillets have been in use for more than 2000 years, with some Chinese skillets dating to the second century B.C. Antique cast iron skillets vary in value depending on several factors, inc... Read More »

How do I use stainless steel skillets?

Curved-bottom SkilletsCook your foods by sautéing them in stainless skillets that have a curved bottom. Curved bottom skillets work best on gas stovetops and in the oven.Flat-bottom PansPrepare fo... Read More »

How big are cast iron skillets?

Cast iron skillets come in a variety of sizes, usually measured by diameter. Twelve inches is popular, but skillets also are commonly available in 8-, 9-, 10- and 15-inch diameters. Skillets are al... Read More »

How to Treat Rusty Iron Skillets?

Nothing says down-home comfort food like a good old-fashioned iron skillet, but an iron skillet that's covered in rust can be anything but comforting. Don't be tempted to throw away a rusty iron sk... Read More »