Are anemones naturally drawn to each other in an aquarium fish tank?

Answer Anemones are invertebrates characterized by a bag of skin filled with water, a small mouth in the center of the disc-shaped body, and tentacles radiating out. Some species have a sucker-like foot t... Read More »

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I was extremely upset and my hands were drawn up, my legs went numb from the knees down, my lips were drawn up?

If you were that upset, how did you possess the state of mind to look at what your lips were doing, and especially what your eyes were doing? Sometimes people who are upset get into fetal position... Read More »

The Foods That Sea Anemones Eat?

To many people, sea anemones look like exotically beautiful flowers. Most anemones remain rooted in one spot for their whole lives, clustered with others in what may appear to be an undersea garden... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Smell From My Fishtank?

A smelly fish tank is usually due to an accumulation of decaying food, waste product, a buildup of algae or even a dead and decaying fish. These issues are often due to overfeeding, overcrowding an... Read More »

How often do you have to clean out a fishtank?

it depends on the size of your fish tank, the smaller it is the more often you have to clean it out. Try to 'vacuum' the substrate every 3 days or so and do a water change whenever you have lost ab... Read More »