Are anchovies and sardines a good source of fish oil?

Answer Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is thought to reduce the risk of a heart attack, regulate cholesterol, and improve memory. Both sardines and anchovies are sources of omega-3 fatty aci... Read More »

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What fish do sardines come from?

Several species of fish are sold under the common term sardine, all of which are in the Clupeidae family, which includes herring, menhaden and shad. The most common species sold as sardines is the ... Read More »

How much fish should i eat in a week What kind of fish is good for you.?

A really good friend of mine hates fish sticks, but LOVES snack cakes. Does Little Debbie make fish sticks?

wowza got a top food contributer in here with an actual response that on some crazy surface would actually make sense. Little Debbie does not make fish sticks.

Do you fill guilty when see chicken, meat or fish that looks good and smells good?

I've recently just became vegetarian as well :) (this February) Now moving onto the vegan diet. I never realize how tough it is to find vegan food, as nearly all the food in super markets contain ... Read More »