Are amaryllis& lillies related?

Answer While amaryllis and lilies have many similarities, they are not related. Amaryllis flowers resemble lilies and are often referred to as "belladonna lilies," but are in a separate genus from other t... Read More »

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What is the name of a plant related to the amaryllis several species of which are grown as garden or pot plants for their bright flowers?

When are lillies appropriate?

I love them and think there is never a time when lillies are inappropriate, I'd take them over roses any day.Be careful who you send them to though, if they are a cat owner to may be wiser to choos... Read More »

How do I cut calla lillies?

Lay the calla lilies down on a flat work surface, such as a kitchen counter or table, taking care to make sure the bulb is hanging off the edge. It is important to handle to flower as little as pos... Read More »

When are calla lillies in season?

Calla Lilies are in season during the spring and summer months in the United States. In some warmer climates, calla lilies may also be available in the fall. Calla lilies can be acquired by florist... Read More »