Are allium globemaster seeds sterile?

Answer Allium Globemaster (Allium cristophii x macleanii 'Globemaster') is a hybrid with sterile seeds. This flowering bulb is propagated through bulb division. Allium Globemaster produces 6- to 8-inch cl... Read More »

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Is the Globemaster an edible allium plant?

Globemaster is considered an ornamental allium plant, so it is not advisable to eat. This flowering bulb reaches 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 feet tall and produces bluish-purple globes of tiny blossoms. Globema... Read More »

How do I plant allium seeds?

PrepareFill a pot with quick-draining soil and sew the allium seeds across the top of the soil. Cover them with a thin layer of grit. Put the pot into the refrigerator for the first step in the see... Read More »

Are all gmo seeds sterile?

Farmers plant genetically modified organisms, abbreviated as GMOs, because these crops have increased resistance to disease, pests and pesticides. As of 2010, GMO crops are not sterile, but the com... Read More »

Is a sterile dressing that touches a bed rail still considered sterile?

A sterile dressing that comes in contact with a bed rail is considered contaminated. The contents of a sterile dressing are contained in what is known as a sterile field.References:Terry Chavez D.O... Read More »