Do alligators have a third eye?

Answer Alligators do not have a third eye, but they do have a third eyelid. It is a transparent membrane, also known as a nictitating membrane, which covers their eyes from front to back rather than top t... Read More »

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Do alligators eat manatees?

Alligators seem to have no predatory interest in manatees at all. An alligator has never been observed to attack a manatee, although an alligator would certainly scavenge from a manatee carcass. Th... Read More »

Can alligators see far distances?

Alligators have excellent vision. At night, when an alligator's pupils are full dilated, its sharpness of vision is comparable to an owl's. Alligators' eyes provide 25 degrees of binocular vision... Read More »

Do alligators have lungs?

Alligators breathe through their lungs in the same way as birds do. Air is inhaled through the mouth and processed through a set of tubes, instead of air sacs, and exhaled.Source:Science Magazine: ... Read More »

Do alligators have scales?

The skin of an alligator is made up of scales. The scales are largely black in color, especially those that are found closest to the alligator's tail. Scales on the alligator's belly are comprised ... Read More »