Are all washer hoses the same?

Answer On One Hand: All plumbing for a washer is the sameHoses are universally fitting for all washing machines. Washing machines are sold with new hoses, but your existing hoses will also fit. If your ol... Read More »

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How do I Replace Jeep Washer Hoses?

Jeeps have a windshield washer system with an automatic pump built into the tank. The pump forces washer fluid through the hoses and out onto the windshield. When the hoses have a tear or leak, the... Read More »

Are Silicone Radiator Hoses Better Than OEM Hoses?

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM) are the most common radiator hose replacement parts. These are made by the same manufacturer that made the actual part for the automotive dealer. In the ... Read More »

Can you use the washer& dryer at the same time with a Frigidaire stackable?

Yes you can use both the washer and dryer of a Frigidaire stackable laundry center at the same time. The washer can be operated alone, the dryer can be operated alone or both the washer and dryer c... Read More »

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