Are all usb printer cables the same?

Answer they should be the same, unless the printer is usb 3.0 or VERY old and still uses a printer cable

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Are "component video" cables the same thing as "RCA cables"?

1) component like the it's name says sends each component (red, green blue) of the image on different cables.composite, like it's name says, sends a composite of all the information one cableyou di... Read More »

My printer say that my printer and laptop is not on the same network. How do i get them on same network?

Knowing the make & model of your printer would help.Typically, you'll need to configure your printer to have an IP address that is in the same domain as your computer or router. Usually the IP addr... Read More »

My Printer is Printing the same page! As soon as I turn the Printer on it start printing the same page. Help?

Relax - this is an easy fix. Go to Start - Printers and faxes and click to open. Highlight your printer icon by clicking just once. Look on the left hand side for the words: "See what's printing". ... Read More »

Are all USB cables the same ?

There are differneces in USB cables that can affect the data transfer rate. Also, differences in shielding can affect the data integrity. Try moving the cable you are using away from any potentia... Read More »