Are all unmarked police cars exempt in California?

Answer According to the California Vehicle Code, undercover law enforcement vehicles are not required to display exempt plates. Regardless of the plate displayed, undercover vehicles have exempt status be... Read More »

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Are unmarked police cars legal?

Unmarked police cars are commonly used in law enforcement worldwide. Their usage varies depending on the location, as some places have different laws regarding what the officers in these cars can d... Read More »

90's police show where police use cars and money they confiscate from criminals All undercover police drive nice cars taken from criminals?

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Can I be pulled over by an unmarked police car?

Yes, I can be pulled over by an unmarked police car, as can any driver. It's best to remain calm, and act normally. If you are not comfortable, you may put on your turn signal to let the police off... Read More »

Do you have to stop for police if the car is unmarked?

In many states, you must stop for an unmarked police car. Officers in unmarked patrol cars videotape aggressive driving and notify marked patrol cars of the position of the vehicle they are trackin... Read More »