Are all these the purcheses good anything im missing?

Answer By the way the 18-55 will come with a lens cap unless the seller lists it as not there. No need to buy another one.

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Is anything missing from this sound system?

A subwoofer.Those speakers are small bookshelf speakers. They cannot produce bass.But that Cambridge Audio amp.... does not do bass management. This means you cannot add a self-powered subwoofer. ... Read More »

Is anything missing from my Mother's Day breakfast menu?

There can't ever be too much food for these family get togethers. The more food the longer the mother in law stays quiet. Okay sorry bout that. Classic mother in law issues. Not directed at you and... Read More »

Everynight I run a Spybot, an Ad-Aware, & a disk clean up. Is there anything I'm missing doing for general PC?

dont need to do that every day. wait for updates. spybot ad aware and disk clean up, 1 a week is way enough. just get the firewall and antivirus. Kerio firewall is free and very strong. block all t... Read More »

Do these symptoms mean anything?

Well the painful head thing sounds like a migraine that would go with the sic too. The bile I'm guessing sinesis if its summer were u r then that's it if not just go to the docs he will help ya quick