Are all sim cards interchangeable?

Answer SIM cards are used in GSM-enabled phones. As these smart cards are often tied to a specific subscriber network, they are only interchangeable between phones in that network. However, SIM cards that... Read More »

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Are digital photography memory cards interchangeable with video camera memory cards?

If the camcorder uses, for instance, SD, and the camera uses SD, then yes.The cards are just storage media and are independent of the device. If the device has the right slot, the it will work in i... Read More »

Are Olympus& Fuji XD memory cards interchangeable?

Yes, Olympus and Fuji XD memory cards are interchangeable. This particular ultra-compact memory media technology was jointly developed by Olympus and Fuji to increase their respective stakes in the... Read More »

Are families interchangeable?

No, and thank goodness they are not. No matter how important my chosen Mama is in my life, she cannot replace my parents. If she did, I would look different, act different, and I would not have d... Read More »

Are all USB cables interchangeable?

There are two basic types of USB cable connectors. The USB-A type is a long, flat rectangle for attaching devices such as keyboards and mice. The USB-B type is a smaller, squared connector for atta... Read More »