Are all printers compatible with all computers?

Answer well any printer goes with any computer but if u want an hp printer , 'hppsc1215' is good and it uses 27 and 28 ink cartidges, which u have !!!

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Which printers are compatible with Dell computers Besides the actual Dell printers?

I agree that HP makes some good printers, but any printer you buy will be compatible with a Dell computer. The only thing to look at is if the printer is made for Windows, Mac, etc.I cannot think o... Read More »

What printers are compatible with windows 8?

You need to post the brand and model of the printer, or go directly to the manufacturer for the windows 8 driversEDIT:Here are the windows 8 drivers for the HP 8250 printerJust select your operatin... Read More »

What ink is compatible with Dell printers?

Dell recommends using Dell brand ink for all of their printers. Dell recently introduced a line of ink cartridges called NextLife which are environmentally friendly. Discount remanufactured ink car... Read More »

Scanners & Printers Compatible With Windows Vista?

The Windows Vista operating system is different from early versions of Windows, such as Windows XP or 2000. Because of changes from early versions of Windows, some pieces of hardware may not work c... Read More »