Are all potting soils good?

Answer On One Hand: They All Do the Same JobJust about any commercial potting soil you can buy contains three main ingredients: bark, peat moss and little white pellets called perlite. These potting soils... Read More »

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How to Improve Soils?

Most types of plants grow best in loamy soils with a relatively neutral pH, although some prefer slightly more or less drainage. Soil tests provide information regarding nutrient levels in soil, wh... Read More »

Leaching of Soils?

Leaching of soil can be defined as the loss of any soluble substance (such as salts or nutrients) as well as colloids by the flushing of fresh water through it. When soil becomes so wet that it can... Read More »

Porosity in Soils?

Soil porosity is especially important to plant growth and health. Differing soils create differing porosities, and not all soils aid in healthy plant life. According to Montana State University, lo... Read More »

Introduction to Soils?

Soil is made up of loose, weathered rock and organic material which serves as a natural medium for the growth of land plants. The rock material in soil consists of sand, clay and silt. It is an ess... Read More »