Are all potting soils good?

Answer On One Hand: They All Do the Same JobJust about any commercial potting soil you can buy contains three main ingredients: bark, peat moss and little white pellets called perlite. These potting soils... Read More »

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Uses of Soils?

Soil is much more than dirt. It is useful in many more ways than you might think. Soils are used everyday to improve people's health and beauty, manufacture useful items and make homes more efficie... Read More »

What Are the Top Three Soils & Why?

While there are 12 different types of soil, according to the classification system of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, many of them are poorly suited to human use. Just three of these various so... Read More »

Leaching of Soils?

Leaching of soil can be defined as the loss of any soluble substance (such as salts or nutrients) as well as colloids by the flushing of fresh water through it. When soil becomes so wet that it can... Read More »

Why Do I Need a Soils Report?

A soils report details the suitability of a site for construction, and your city or county likely requires one if you are attempting to build a permanent structure such as a home. It reports on the... Read More »