Are all nucleotides purines?

Answer A nucleotide is an element structure that combines with other nucleotides to create nucleic acids that form the strands of DNA and RNA. There are two basic types of nucleotides; pyrimidines, which... Read More »

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Are tomatoes low in purines?

According to the health care journal Bandolier, tomatoes contain low levels of purines. People with conditions like gout are often advised to limit their consumption of foods high in purines and ... Read More »

Do avocados have purines?

Avocados have a low concentration of purines, with approximately 19 purines in each milligram of uric acid per 100g of avocado. According to, a diet high in purines can lead to high lev... Read More »

Does dealcoholized wine have purines?

Standard wine contains purines in the alcohol due to the yeast used in fermentation. Although dealcoholized wine alcohol content is significantly lower than regular wine (usually less than one perc... Read More »

What are nucleotides made of?

Molecules of nucleotides form the backbone of DNA and RNA, as well as regulating metabolism. A nucleotide is comprised of a phosphate unit, a five-carbon sugar unit (deoxyribose or ribose) and a he... Read More »