Are all motherboards even?

Answer A lot of motherboards have on board graphics, I HIGHLY recommend going to this website buy almost all my parts from there (i... Read More »

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How to Recycle Motherboards?

Motherboards and old computers contain hazardous materials and toxic waste; such as mercury, lead, aluminum, and more. When you dispose of motherboards, this toxic waste is released into the enviro... Read More »

Can i put two motherboards in one computer?

Two motherboards cannot be combined on the same system. You can put two motherboards in one case, but this will give you two computers in the space of one, making them completely separate.Source:Co... Read More »

Bad Capacitors in Motherboards?

Capacitors are components used to hold electric charges in all kinds of electronic circuits, including computers. As with resistors, capacitors are fundamental electronic building blocks, so circui... Read More »

Are agp slots on the btx motherboards?

The Balanced Technology eXtended (BTX) motherboard specification forgoes an AGP video card slot in favor of a PCI Express slot. If you have an AGP video card and want to build a computer with a BTX... Read More »