Are all motherboards even?

Answer A lot of motherboards have on board graphics, I HIGHLY recommend going to this website buy almost all my parts from there (i... Read More »

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How often are new motherboards released?

well there is never a set time really. But I bought a 780i sli board from EVGA in july I think. A month later they had the 790i board. Now they have the new X58 boards for the new icore processors.... Read More »

Question about Motherboards?

Just check the interface of the video card and make sure the mother board has a slot to accommodate it. Also make sure the cpu socket is right and that you get the right RAM size/speed, etc for the... Read More »

What else needs doing if you change motherboards.?

Typically, if you want to change your processor and motherboard you should also check the following:1. Memory (RAM). Make sure you have the correct type and speed.2. Video card. A new motherboard... Read More »

Are agp slots on the btx motherboards?

The Balanced Technology eXtended (BTX) motherboard specification forgoes an AGP video card slot in favor of a PCI Express slot. If you have an AGP video card and want to build a computer with a BTX... Read More »