Are all donkeys male?

Answer Donkeys can be male or female. A male donkey is called a jack, and a female donkey is called a jennet. Other terms for a donkey are burro, ass, jackass, Mammoth, Mexican burro, Jack Stock and Stand... Read More »

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Are donkeys male or female?

Donkeys are part of the equine family and can be born male or female. A male donkey is called a jack and a female donkey is called jennet. Donkeys can be crossed with horses to create mules or hi... Read More »

What are male donkeys called?

The donkey is a smaller member of the horse family. The males of the species are known as a jack or a jackass, while jenny is the name sometimes given to a female donkey.Source:Donkey Reproduction

Are there donkeys in haiti?

Many people in Haiti use donkeys as their main means of transportation, according to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International. Donkeys are also used to carry objects, such... Read More »

What do wild donkeys eat?

The African wild ass is the closest living relative to the domesticated donkey, as well as being the donkey's ancestor. African wild asses are herbivores, and their diet is composed mostly of grass... Read More »