Are all digital TVs high definition?

Answer As the television manufacturing industry evolves, our TVs tend to become more complex. Determining the difference (if any) between "digital" and "high-definition" can become difficult, and the adve... Read More »

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Can you get high-definition channels with a digital TV?

High-definition (HD) channels are available on digital television services. Analog televisions will not be compatible with HD channels. In order to view HD channels, the viewer will need an HD-capa... Read More »

Can you connect a high definition tv to regular digital cable?

You'll need a new converter box from your cable provider.

Does anyone have the Insignia® - 5.0MP High-Definition Digital Camcorder with 3" Swivel LCD Screen?

If you record with a high definition camera, can you view the video on a television without high definition?

Yes. if the video is recorded in high definition it will play on a standard or low definition will not notice the full high definition as the tv can not display it but it will play the video.