Are all cell phone conversations recorded?

Answer No. Federal law requires the consent of at least one of the parties on the line for a phone conversation to be recorded. Twelve states within the United States have extended this law further and re... Read More »

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Can your phone conversations at work be recorded without your knowledge?

According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, "Employers may monitor calls with clients or customers for reasons of quality control." Not all employers will notify you, nor do they have to.Source:... Read More »

Are cell phone conversations secure?

Cell phone conversations are not secure. Calls are transmitted over radio frequencies, which can be intercepted by scanners. Although newer digital cell phones, such as PCS phones, have scrambling ... Read More »

Can someone listen to your cell phone conversations?

The police can tap your cell phone but they need to get a warrant from a judge permitting it. They have to have a pretty good reason for doing it too. Such as Terrorism etc. I believe your telephon... Read More »

Can employers track cell phone conversations?

Employers can track and even record an employee's cell phone conversations if the phone call is made using a company phone. Employees who need to make phone calls should use their own cell phones.R... Read More »