Are all carpets made with wool?

Answer While wool is one of the most prominent types of carpet fibers, it is not used in all carpets. Wool is costly, so not all homeowners can afford to install wool carpets. Polypropylene, nylon and pol... Read More »

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How do I clean wool area carpets?

Vacuum Wool CarpetVacuum the wool carpet with a sweeper. Run the sweeper slowly back and forth over the carpet to remove excess dirt and grime from the surface.Sprinkle Dry Carpet CleanerSprinkle d... Read More »

How do I remove cat urine stains from wool carpets?

Clean up MoistureClean up any fresh urine with a paper towel. Blot it up until you have removed as much of the moisture as possible.Mix IngredientsMix one quart of water with one half cup of white ... Read More »

If you buy a house with carpets included as they are brand new, the carpets have vanished who do you call?

The seller will have specified which carpets were included in the sale on the fixtures and fittings form. If the expected carpet is not left behind then the seller has breached the contract. You wo... Read More »

How is wool made into clothing?

Cloth made of wool has been around for centuries. Archaeologists have found wool fabric dating to 1500 B.C., while fine wool fabric has been dated to the fifth century B.C.SheepTo get true wool, sh... Read More »