Are all boys&girls schools better than co-ed schools?

Answer On One Hand: Single-Gender Schools Provide Fewer DistractionsThe main argument in favor of single-gender schools is that they allow students to learn without the distraction of the opposite sex. T... Read More »

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Are private elementary schools better than public schools?

On One Hand: Extra ProgramsPrivate schools charge tuition, which allows them to pay for additional teaching staff and accelerated classes. Also, class sizes can be smaller, since they can afford th... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a lot more credible than schools say?

i've been using wikipeida as a reliable source since 2006, been through hundred or thousands of pages, never have i stumbled upon any false infoit is very useful and reliable

How to Select More Than 10 Schools on the FAFSA?

Rising tuition costs are a challenge for many prospective college students. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, offers financial assistance to those pursuing a post-secondary e... Read More »

North Carolina Charter Schools Vs. Regular Public Schools?

In an effort to provide more educational choices to families and to encourage creative teaching methods, North Carolina passed bipartisan legislation in 1996 allowing the development of no more tha... Read More »