Are all blu ray movies only 3D?

Answer No the are 2d unless specified otherwise.

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What would your top 10 movies look like if you only included movies that you saw for the first time this year?

Fantastic question!1. True Romance2. The Fighter3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang4. Juno5. The Prestige6. Trees Lounge7. Thank You For Smoking8. Up in The Air9. Blue Valentine10. InterviewBQ: Splice, I Heart ... Read More »

Will new movies be blu-ray only?

Sure. but you need to use blue and red glasses

Do you only go to the movies on Tuesday night?

Nope, I usually go on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Can you only play blue-ray movies on a ps3?

You can play Blu-Ray Movies only on a Blue Ray Player and the PS3 is also a Blue-ray player along with a game console. All Blue-ray Players will also play DVDs and CDs and many like the PS3 will up... Read More »