Are all aloe plants edible?

Answer The lower leaves of the aloe vera plant have medicinal uses. The gel contained in the lower leaf is often used to treat damaged human skin. The leaves and seeds of the plant are both also edible.So... Read More »

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What are the different edible indoor Aloe Vera plants?

If you have a Wal Mart, Lowes and Home Depot, you can find them there.

Is aloe saponaria edible?

Aloe saponaria, or soap aloe, is not edible. Aloe plants produce latex, which causes cramps and diarrhea when eaten. Aloe saponaria gel creates suds when placed in water and is used as a soap subst... Read More »

Are aloe flowers edible?

The tubular yellow flowers of the aloe plant are not edible. The leaves and sap are used for a variety of purposes, both internally and externally. Aloe sap is not to be taken internally in large d... Read More »

How do i start aloe plants?

Separating PupsGently remove loose soil from around the offset or pup from the mother aloe plant. Aloes start new plants from the roots of old plants. Separate the pup from the mother plant's roots... Read More »