Are all SIM cards the same size?

Answer SIM cards are the same size around the globe, making it easy to swap them from one GSM cell phone to another. Apple's iPad, however, uses micro SIM cards, which are half the size of standard SIM c... Read More »

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What size are place cards?

Place cards can be found in many different sizes, depending on style, design and manufacturer. You can find standard flat and tented styles in sizes from 3 1/2 by 1 5/8 inches to 4 1/2 by 2 inches ... Read More »

What size are Pokemon cards in pixels?

That depends on the dpi (dots per square inch) of the image. Pixels are a relative measurement, based on the current resolution of your monitor, whereas centimetres are a fixed unit of length.

What size are traditional graduate name cards?

Name cards are simple mementos for family and friends. A traditional graduation name card is 3 by 1½ inches. They are sized as such so that they fit in the slits of conventional graduation announc... Read More »

What size bubble wrap envelopes are needed for sports cards?

Sports cards are a popular collector's item. Because of this, many collectors sell their cards online when they need some cash. When mailing sports cards to someone else, you should use a small bub... Read More »