Are all Jersey cows brown?

Answer While most Jersey cows are a shade of brown, some can range in color from light gray to nearly black or even reddish. Jersey cattle, a dairy breed, are lighter in color on the underside and can ha... Read More »

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How to Take Care of Jersey Cows?

Jersey cows can be raised fairly easily and are well worth their low cost of $1400 to $1800. They're small -- between 42 to 46 inches in height -- which is about one third to one half the height of... Read More »

How to Raise Jersey Cows?

Jersey cows are one of the most common breed of cattle. Prized for their milk production and docile temperaments, Jersey cows are one of the oldest purebred cattle species. Originally recognized in... Read More »

Information about jersey cows?

The Jersey cow is the smallest breed of dairy cow that is milked on a large-scale basis. While small in stature, this breed has the highest butterfat and protein percent of all the milking cow bree... Read More »

Where does chocolate milk come from brown cows?

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