Are all 800 numbers toll free?

Answer All 800 numbers are toll-free numbers, which means that the charge for the phone call is paid by the owner of the called number, not the caller. Along with 800, three other toll-free codes exist: 8... Read More »

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How much do US free phone (toll-free) numbers cost to call from the UK?

Sadly, it won't be free! It will normally cost the same as any standard international phone call to the USA. That's about 20-25p/min using a BT landline but, of course, you can get much cheaper rat... Read More »

Are toll-free numbers free on cell phones?

Although toll-free numbers are generally free when you use a land line, you lose airtime minutes when you call any of these numbers from your cell phone. The airtime minutes you lose, or any charge... Read More »

Does ntelos let you call toll free numbers for free?

Are 866 numbers toll free?

Yes, telephone numbers with an area code of 866 are toll-free numbers. The 866 code was added to toll-free numbers in 2000; other toll-free area codes include 800, 877 and 888. These numbers are of... Read More »