Are all 32 bit pcmcia cards 3.3 volt?

Answer All 32-bit PCMCIA cards use the CardBus 32-bit bus mastering interface, which requires a 3.3V supply. This restriction came into effect with the advent of the PC Card Standard version 5.0 in Februa... Read More »

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Are all PCMCIA Internet cards wireless?

Wireless cards are only one type of PCMCIA card that can be used to connect to the Internet. Other PCMCIA cards that can be used for networking or Internet connectivity include modem cards, ISDN ca... Read More »

How do I connect two Type II cards in a PCMCIA Type III slot on a laptop computer?

Insert the 68-pin edge of the first Type II card into the top half of the Type III adapter slot. Push the card in until the connector clicks, and the ejector lever pops up.Insert the second Type II... Read More »

What happens when 240 volt equipment is plugged into a 120 volt source or if 110-120 volt equipment is plugged into a 60 volt source assuming all alternating current?

Assuming all alternating current and all at the same or similar frequency (say, 50-60Hz), nothing much will happen on a device using a linear transformer. A linear transformer (one that is made of ... Read More »

Can I replace my 3.6 volt NiMH cordless phone battery with a 3.6 volt lithium ion b?

I belive the chargers may not be compatible.. I would stay with your current battery.... NiMh and Lithium Ion are both good batteries with no memory problems..