Are all 3.1 mp cameras the same?

Answer The FinePix Z33WP is better.

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Does Sony touchscreen cameras have the same drawing features like the nikon cameras do? does not have a built in focusing motor (AF-S in Nikon terms).In fact I'm selling mine because it won't auto focus with other DSLR cameras (even after servicing) that don't require AF-S. (... Read More »

Can you use same SD memory card between two cameras?

If both cameras call for SD memory, then you can. But if the cameras are not the same model or brand, there is no guarantee that you will be able to see or keep what was on the card when it was in ... Read More »

Do all 10-megapixel cameras have the same picture quality?

Nopes all do not have same quality. If u buy a camera of Sony and another of fujifilm the quality will be different as sony will be better than fujifilm

Do all digital cameras use the same type of memory cards?

No, There are xD, SD, MMC, Smartmedia and probably many other types of cards. I am not sure which is the best but I use xD, 1 gig card that stores lots of pictures. You may want to look fo ra car... Read More »