Are aldehydes part of photochemical smog?

Answer Photochemical smog is one of the most common issues with regard to air quality. Aldehydes are a part of photochemical smog, along with nitrogen oxides, ozone, nitrates and volatile organic hydrocar... Read More »

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What is a photochemical smog?

Photochemical smog is a grayish-brown haze that develops over cities with large populations and warm and sunny climates, such as Los Angeles. The smog is created from three distinct elements: nitro... Read More »

Vehicle smog CA to another state, smog legal?

Can't speak for all states but in most if the car is classified as an antique (25 years old or more) it is exempt from smog requirements. California is one of the few exceptions. Not sure what othe... Read More »

What is the difference between a smog check&a smog test?

In California, the difference between a Smog Test and a Smog Check is where the inspection may occur. Drivers receiving Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) paperwork should pay particular attention t... Read More »

Aldehydes in Perfumes?

Aldehyde was first used in perfume with the iconic fragrance, Chanel No 5. Perfumes built around this fragrance additive are able to be worn year round and convey a modern, complex bouquet. Aldehyd... Read More »