Are air soft guns sold to kids?

Answer Yes

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When were guns sold by Sears?

Sears Roebuck sold guns and firearms from 1892 to 1988. They sold them under many names, including T. Barker, American Bar Lock, Berkshire, Ranger, Triumph, Sam Holt, Gladiator and Sears.Source:Gun... Read More »

Are the USMC trademarks legal on air soft guns in the USA?

Are airsoft guns safe for kids?

On One Hand: Purchasing Restrictions ExistAirsoft guns fire light-weight plastic BB's that are really only dangerous in the absence of eye protection. However, there are restrictions on Airsoft pu... Read More »

Are pellets guns& BB guns illegal in Texas?

Pellet guns and BB guns are legal in Texas. According to the National Rifle Association, both handguns and longguns can be purchased in Texas with no waiting period and without a license or permit ... Read More »