Are agave plants poisonous?

Answer Agave plants (Agavaceae), perennial plants found in the United States and Mexico, contain poisonous plant sap. This sap can cause burning and redness on the skin. In addition, blisters may develop.... Read More »

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Is the Agave Plant Poisonous to Dogs?

Agave plants thrive in harsh conditions; well drained soil, little water and full sun are optimal growing conditions. Seen in a variety of climates in both outdoor gardens and as indoor house plant... Read More »

How do I transplant agave plants?

Transplant AgaveTransplant agave plants to a sunny, well-drained location. Purchase your plant from a nursery. Do not dig up wild plants, as they are protected in many areas. Dig a hole larger tha... Read More »

List of Agave Plants?

Over 200 different species of agave grow over a wide natural habitat that includes the Southwestern United States and Mexico. Agaves are very heat and drought tolerant. Agaves range in height from ... Read More »

Are ivy plants poisonous?

English ivy has berries that are poisonous if eaten. Avoid the leaves of the typical ivy plant because they may cause sickness. Ivy is poisonous to dogs, so keep it out of their reach.References:Do... Read More »