Are adoptive parents callef step parents?

Answer No, step parents are parents who live with the other parent, married or not, and who is not your biological parent or foster parent. An adoptive parent is your full parent, just like a biological o... Read More »

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Adoptive Parents, what do you believe to be the biggest misconception about you/other Adoptive Parents?

Wow. Fantastic question. I would echo what the other APs have said on here.That we did something illegal or evil by adopting.That our motivations were either to be saviors, or to be trendy.That w... Read More »

Parents and the Differences Between Bio--Adoptive and Step?

Thanks Anna~ What a GREAT question! Honestly, one of the better, more thought provoking questions I've read in a long while!And I totally get your point! Or at least, I think I do. LOL! What's the... Read More »

Adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents and adoptees?

At the risk of being stoned to death, I will respectfully submit that I will give MY medical history to my son lost to adoption, but will put a note in my file at the agency that under no circumsta... Read More »

Adoptive parents: Are you younger than your child's first parents?

Dear Kazi,I am 33.D.(AM) is ten years and six months older than I am.L. (AF) is twelve years and two months older than I am.My hubby (bio -dad) and I are the same age.My ex (other bio-dad) is a yea... Read More »