Are acorn squash seeds edible?

Answer Every part of a squash can be eaten, including the seeds. Acorn squash seeds are not only edible but also very healthy. Acorn squash seeds can be roasted, seasoned or toasted and are flavorful addi... Read More »

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Are squash seeds edible?

Squash seeds are edible and provide an excellent source of vegetable protein. Squash seed husks are also edible and are most plump when coming from ripe squash. You can, however, remove the hulls f... Read More »

Are butternut squash seeds edible?

Butternut squash, like all other varieties of pumpkin and squash, have edible seeds. These seeds can be roasted with vegetable oil and salt or pressed for oil. The blossoms and leaves are also edib... Read More »

Does a cross pollination of a gourd and a squash create an edible squash?

Answer Most gourds that I am familiar with are from a different genus - Lagenaria. In that case they will not cross with each other. Some decorative gourds are in the genus Cucurbita and will cross... Read More »

How to Cook Acorn Squash?

Commonly mistaken for a winter squash because of its hard exterior, acorn squash is actually a summer squash in the same family as yellow crookneck squash and zucchini. Acorn squash is, well, shape... Read More »