Are acidophilus pills safe to take if you're pregnant?

Answer On One Hand: Big UnknownAcidophilus pills, while known to be helpful in improving overall gastrointestinal health, are from the herbal and supplement industry, which is not regulated by the U.S. Fo... Read More »

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If you become pregnant while on birth control pills but are unaware that you are pregnant will continuing to take the pills harm the developing fetus in any way?

Answer Yes - you should do whatever you have to in order to find out for sure if you're pregnant, and stop immediately as soon you know are.

Is it safe to take the abortion pills again within a month if you already took them once before and you are still pregnant?

Is using contraceptive pills when you are pregnant safe for the feotus?

Answer You don't need to use them when you are pregnant because you won't get pregnant if you are already pregnant

Are sleeping pills safe to take?

Try Valerian Root by Spring Valley. It is over the counter and natural. About $4 bucks at Walmart in the supplement section. Take one to see how it affects you in the morning after sleeping.If y... Read More »