Are a taurus female&cancer male compatible?

Answer On One Hand: Long Term BenefitsA Taurus woman may fulfill many of the emotional needs of a Cancer man, including balancing out his watery emotions with her earthy practicality. In addition, a Cance... Read More »

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Is a male virgo compatible with a female taurus?

On One Hand: Solid FootingVirgo and Taurus are both earth signs, so the union of a Virgo man and a Taurus woman is well grounded, and they have many things in common. A Virgo man and a Taurus woman... Read More »

How to Date a Taurus Male?

Whether the "raging bull" or the flower sniffing "Ferdinand", your Taurus boyfriend will be both. He can just as easily entice you with roses as daisies, he appreciates the finer things, how lucky ... Read More »

What zodiac sign is compatible with taurus?

On One Hand: Taurus and Virgo are CompatibleBoth signs are homebodies and both are careful with money. A Virgo is usually very intelligent and a Taurus hard-working, so they can work very well toge... Read More »

Is my 2004 Ford Taurus E85-fuel compatible?

Some models of the 2004 Ford Taurus were made with a flex-fuel option. These models can be identified by the 8th character in the vehicle identification number. If it is a "2" then you can use E85 ... Read More »