Are a lot of the nutrients lost when cooking vegetables that have defrosted?

Answer You will keep more vitamins if you eat them raw.

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Does cooking veg in the oven destroy the nutrients?

Yes. cooking in general will destroy nutrients in the food. It's necessary for some cases though, such as with meat.Generally raw > steamed > roasted > boiled/stir-friedIt's not too big of a deal t... Read More »

What is the best way to cook vegetables without destroying the nutrients and vitamins?

My answer would be to steam the vegetables. It is known that if we want to retain the nutrients and vitamins we can eat it raw. But, eating it raw is not really a method of cooking and sometimes th... Read More »

Does boiling fruits/vegetables destroy the nutrients in any way?

I'm so glad you know what a ppm is,now if you only could use it correctly use it a sentence to explain what it is you are try to increase the ppm of. WHAT are you trying to increase the PPM of?Co... Read More »

On Friday you had an terrible experience cooking in an industrial kitchen environment and now you are afraid of cooking in ovens as you have lost your confidence Can anyone explain if this is possible?

This is very possible. If you are Jewish and survived the holacost you might be afraid of ovens or industrial size oven. yea that's about it theres no other explanation