Are a lime and a lemon the same fruit?

Answer The lime (Citrus aurantifolia) and lemon (Citrus limon) are not the same fruit, though they are both citrus fruits. It's believed that lemons originated in North India or Burma, while limes origina... Read More »

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Which fruit has the most electrical energy: lime, orange, lemon or grapefruit?

According to one study done by Purdue University in 1978, peeled grapefruits have a higher thermal conductivity than oranges, lemons and limes. However, it is not enough to power a low-wattage ligh... Read More »

What is a lemon lime plant?

A beautiful, showy plant with lemon- and lime-colored, striped leaves, the lemon lime plant is an indoor plant that adds color to any room in the house.IdentificationThe lemon lime plant is actual... Read More »

What's the best lemon lime soda?

Is a lime a green lemon?

Lemon and limes both belong to the citrus family, but they are not the same fruit. Lemons have a yellow outer rind and limes have a green outer rind--sometimes with a yellowish cast. Limes typicall... Read More »