Are a digital television signal& an HDTV signal the same?

Answer Digital television broadcasts can take several forms and HDTV is only one of the types broadcast quality-level formats available. Additional digital television formats include the basic resolution ... Read More »

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Have digital TV and/or HDTV improved your television viewing experience?

My situation is a little unusual. I worked at a high end AV boutique when HDTV was just getting started in the US. I learned about the equipment, technology, etc. long before I could afford to adop... Read More »

Is the switchover from analog to digital television signal in the US an end of times sign?

IT IS!It is the end of the ANALOG Times. This was spoken of by the great apostate CT RUSSELL. He said that when the Analog times ended, Armageddon would follow and that the Evil Empire called COMC... Read More »

Does 1080i signal give a sharper picture than 720p signal on an HDTV set?

Well, in my opinion 720p. But, technally speaking, 1080i is the better resloution.The sharpness of picture will be as follows from the sharpest to the least sharp: Watching 1080p signal on a 1080p... Read More »

If you can not receive a HDTV signal should you buy an HDTV just to have a bigger screen?

Answer If you want a bigger screen, then buy one, but do be sure to buy a digital TV because analog is being phased out quickly. Also, go to to find out exactly what digital stat... Read More »