Are a bar and a club the same thing?

Answer This may be tough to answer since it seems that something is opening or closing daily. According to Newyorkontop, there are around 1700, give or take a few. This can also change depending on your d... Read More »

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Is tactic and operation the same word mean the same thing?

They are very different.In military terms, think of an operation as a mission, while tactics descxribe how the mission is carried out.For example: Operation - clear the enemy out of that village Ta... Read More »

Are VGA& RGB the same thing?

VGA, also known as video graphics array, is a display system for personal computers that was a product of IBM. VGA has a text and graphic mode resolution, while RGB stands for the primary colors, r... Read More »

Is abc and abc family the same thing?

Are the CPU and Motherboard the same thing?

NO FriendCPU Stands For Central Processing Unit and it is generally refer to as Processor in which the input data being processed for outputBut MotherBoard is Complete Set of Chips and IC's and in ... Read More »